Play Surfaces » Syntetic grass

                                   Artificial grass - alternative live grass


Perfect grass: we laid in the grass, complete with lux-class artificial grass.Recent artificial grass products have been designed to merge with natural landscapes colours.

Synthetic grass look great all year round,but with a little bit of your care. Fresh green grass will make you enjoy the pleasures will also be a great place to play for your children and pets. Many believe that dogs do not like this herb has been demonstrated that it is popular among our fur friends. If you need a good-looking grass, but want to avoid the constant watering, mowing, fertilizing, etc. synthetic grass than your choice. With properly installed basis, it is not waterproof, so the feet are always dry.

Grass Maintenance is very simple: just pick up trash, wash the leaves and usually a high-pressure jet. Also, care should be taken in animal feces, the space for an extra rinse water to avoid stains in the future. Artificial grass can also be combined with EPDM or mulch coatings.