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Rubber mulch

Rubber mulch is used for two reasons: as a part of the playground surface (laid after installation), or beautify the landscape design. This surface not require much maintenance. This is a great alternative to traditional wood chips.

Playgrounds mulch is used as a safe surface for children to play (reduces the risk of injury: soften the fall), but for increased security, we recommend EPDM rubber mixture. And as EPDM coatings, the rubber mulch depth depends on the possible fall height, so it is necessary to consider the following factors in choosing the coating depth. Available in standard colors or any two, three colors blend ratio of 50/50.


The use of mulch in gardens as part of the landscape design. This can help distinguish spaces, or single out a defined area of ​​the environment.

What made rubber mulch?

Rubber mulch is made from 100% unfit for further use rubber waste, which is not toxic, environmentally friendly. This mulch will not fade, will not rot, will not be compressed or otherwise deformed, will not attract animals or be blown away by the wind it will always retain a molded shape. This coating is a great alternative to wood mulch by their appearance, but will last and look good even after many years.





Mulch can be laid on concrete, compacted stone or grass (it is necessary to assess whether appropriate basis to avoid any future problems).

Instruction step consists of a rubber clawing pieces which are mixed with a polyurethane adhesive, and subsequently the mixture is poured and leveled to the ground, and finally, left to set.
Under normal weather conditions, all of our coatings can be used after 6-8 hrs., But we recommend that customers use at least 24 hours.




                                                   Mulch colour samples